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Coopers Needle Works Limited produce many unique tube and needle designs for a wide range of applications including Stainless Hypodermic Needle for Medical Applications and Quality Stainless tubing for Industrial and Research Applications.

The latest developments in an increasingly sophisticated world demand industrial equipment and technologies requiring more complex and precise components. Tubing and assemblies can be supplied to meet individual customer requirements, produced to the highest standards and quality levels. With specialist precision engineering skills CNW is integral to applications within all branches of industry, participating in innovative and exciting product development.

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CNW are synonymous with Stainless Steel Needles, hypodermic needles and medical equipment. Specialist needles and tubing can be manufactured for applications across the whole spectrum of medical applications. Technological developments within the medical equipment and consumable market demands increasingly sophisticated products, products which CNW is proud to supply.

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CNW takes great pride in its association with some of the world’s leading research and development organisations. Many unique specialist tube and needle designs have been produced for applications internationally across an extensive range of activities, ranging from medical to motor, university to multinational. CNW is integral to the development of products to fulfil the needs of tomorrow.

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