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Stainless Steel Tubes from Cooper Needle Works are available with a range of complimentary services to further enhance our products

Cutting To SizeStainless steel tubing is normally supplied in metre lengths. However, CNW prides itself on its skill in the cutting of Stainless Steel Tubes to any length working to extremely fine tolerances to meet customer needs.

AnnealingThrough the process of heating cold steel, the steel is made more malleable. This enables stainless steel to be more easily bent and shaped to requirements.

BendingTubing can be bent or manipulated to unique profiles. Through many years of experience the team at CNW are able to discuss individual customer requirements and satisfy specific customer needs.

BevellingWhere individual customers require it, tubing can be supplied with a ‘bevelled’ end cut at an angle, rather than square cut. Individual requirements can be discussed with the team at CNW to ensure complete satisfaction.

Bull nosingBull nosed tubing with a completely rounded and sealed end, can be supplied for an extensive range of uses, from medical to engineering applications. 100% inspection and testing is available for bull nosed tubing products.

CoilingStainless Tubes can be supplied in coiled lengths where required, up to 100 metres long. Additionally, tubing can be manipulated into small coils in a wide variety of sizes and for a multitude of purposes.

DeburringWhere required cut to length tubing can be supplied with ends that have been deburred. This is the removal of minute subtle ridges which may arise during the cutting process, which for specific applications customers may prefer to have removed.

DrillingSpecialists in the manipulation of fine stainless steel tubing CNW can accurately drill stainless steel tubes to meet exact customer requirements to extremely fine tolerances.

FlaringFor certain applications a tube with a splayed end may be required. CNW has been successfully supplying tubing with flared ends for many years, produced to the individual requirements of its customers.

SlottingThe increasing sophistication in the use and application of stainless steel tubing demands increasingly complex products. Stainless Tubes with ‘slots’ cut into it can be supplied, produced to the exact requirements of the customer.

SwagingCNW can supply cut to length tubing which has been produced to a profile which is unique to that customer. Swaged tubing may be used in a diverse range of applications, engineering and medical, where accuracy is critical, CNW can meet these customer demands.

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